Thursday, 2 August 2012

Road Trip!

... sort of. Mostly ferry really.

It's booked now and everything's feeling a bit more certain - there is finally some stable, if metaphorical, ground beneath my size tens.

This weekend just gone, my girlfriend very kindly booked our ferry tickets from Harwich to the Hook of Holland and back, travelling there overnight on the 16th and back again on the 23rd. The privilege of such a journey (including a car and a cabin for the night on the outward journey) cost us a reasonable £338 with Stena Line.

There were other water-faring options, including driving up to either Hull or Newcastle and getting the ferry straight up to Amsterdam (with P&O and DFDS respectively). But taking factors into account such as petrol consumption and time of arrival, it worked out far more cost effective to drive the ninety minutes up to Amsterdam and risk a touch of oncoming traffic.

Because I am not driving in France. Mandatory breathalyze my ass.

In other news, I'm part way through applying for PCDL which, if successful, will roll the proverbial boulder from upon my chest. But I'll write more on both my journey and financial status at a later date.

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